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Off the Beaten Path

Our alternative tours offer fun and enriching local experiences and plenty activities for everyone, places and trips that are not available to the public or other tour companies. Unique programs designed to help you to explore the most unspoilt hideaways. 

Immersion and Integation

We actively plan, organize, support and coordinate trend & market tours, face-to-face meetings, workshops, events and cultural immersion activities, so that you can see beyond the numbers and reports, get inspired, and truly "meet" China.

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Destination Management

Based in Shanghai, we specialize in helping our foreign clients conduct research, creat events, market immersion tours, and trends and insights projects in China, and achieve their business objectives smoothly and efficiently.

Shanghai Pathways is a boutique destination and project management firm based in Shanghai. We specialize in helping our foreign clients conduct travel, events, research, market immersion tours, and trends and insights projects in China.


Based in Shanghai, an international metropolitan city, Shanghai Pathways works with the best and brightest multinational talents and experts that live, work and create here. We truly want you to uncover contemporary China. Take you behind the scenes of a destination to reveal it's hidden gems and appreciate the Chinese culture. See the talents who are innovating and taking China to newer heights. Get hands-on experience and deeper insights, from millennials who are changing the scene to business experts who are revolutionizing what it means to be "Made in China." We are here to help you achieve business goals, get inspired by China and see what this unique place has to offer.


Our team speaks Chinese, English and French on a native level. More importantly, we "speak" the culture. We understand the differences in behaviors and mindsets, and strive to make both sides meet, talk, and work with one another.


We pride ourselves on our prompt and efficient service, and ability to solve problems. With over a decade of experience, we are accustomed to helping foreign clients execute projects, events and activities in China and advising our clients regarding business and cultural differences. Our small size allows us to offer personal attention at much more competitive pricing than larger firms.


Shanghai Pathways is a proud operator behind a vibrant social & culture club, for English-speaking Chinese professionals. By planning events and activities on a regular basis for Chinese millennials as well as companies looking for cross-culture information, we know first-hand about Chinese consumer insights towards the world.