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Alternative Customized Tour 

We want to help change the way people travel - experience the local life as it is, not how mass tourism companies masquerade it. 

Ideas behind Shanghai Pathways:

We want to help change the way people travel - experience the local life as it is, not how mass tourism companies masquerade it. People who live in the destination know their place inside out. That’s why we believe only locals can provide you with local activities that are REAL, things to do that don’t appear in any travel guide.

Tell us what you like and we make plans for you. The 7hours Custom tour is guided by Janny Chyn - the founder and owner of Shanghai Pathways, tour can be tailored to your requirements, both in terms of what you see and the time of day that you do it. In order to have a perfect tailor made trip, we wish to know about your interests and back ground. Your length of stay, areas of interest, group size, and times available are all important in deciding what type of experience would be best suited to your schedule. Upon these info, we can work with you to produce a custom tour based on your specific interests and needs. Simply consider us a living database of information on the city. We have an extensive network of connections that will allow you to find and do what you want, as efficiently as possible.  

Janny Chyn is the founder of Shanghai Pathways, a platform that engages people to learn and understand the city through unique cultural activities “off the beaten tracks.” She is a writer for The Courier magazine and has been a guest speaker for schools and organizations. Previously, Janny worked in training and communication for corporate clients such as Google, JP Morgan, Macmillan Group and Rabobank. Her current work has been featured in media outlets including CNNgo, Shanghai Morning Post, Tripadvisorand TimeOut.  

Let us know what you seek in Shanghai and we will do our best to help you find it!  


Price: RMB3900 for up to 2 people

RMB500 per additional person

(Including guide fee, entrance fee and transport)  

For a group of more than 10 people, please contact us for larger group offer


Program is 7hrs. Guide will meet you at your hotel. Kindly note, food cost is not included in this price (these costs are usually minimal), it makes the tour more flexible and you can get the chance to try different kind of genuine Chinese food. Our guides are always happy to recommend. Note that the guide will join you for meals and we ask that you pay for the guide. 

To book the program, we do request a small deposit of USD100 (RMB600) per program via PayPal. This deposit will apply toward the program charges and you could pay the remaining balance on the day of the program. You could directly pay deposit by clicking the "Buy Now" button: 

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