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Best of Hangzhou Day Trip

One of China’s most illustrious tourist drawcards, Hángzhōu’s (杭州) dreamy West Lake panoramas and fabulously green and hilly environs can easily lull you into long sojourns. 

Hangzhou was described by Marco Polo as 'the most beautiful and elegant city in the world'.


The heavenly beauty of West Lake and the many historical and cultural sites surrounding it draw hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. And Hangzhou remains this charm till today.


Contrasting to the hustle and bustle of the neighbouring Shanghai, Hangzhou is well-known for its extraordinary beauty and elegance. And it attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists to its exquisite West Lake(Xi Hu) area each year to enjoy the placid lake, beautiful gardens, reflecting pools, lavish temples and friendly lakeside teahouses.


Along with Hangzhou's famous Dragon Well Tea, tasty local cuisine, good shopping environment and modern facilities all make a trip to the city worthwhile.


During this trip, you will also visit one of the most significant and beautiful Buddhist monasteries in China - the Lingyin Temple. "Ling-yin" means "Soul's Retreat" in Chinese, therefore, the temple's name is commonly literally translated as Temple of the Soul's Retreat.


The temple features a large number of grottos and religious rock carvings, the most famous of which is the Feilai Feng (literally "the peak that flew hither").

Price: RMB3800 for up to 2 people

RMB500 per additional person

(Including guide fee, entrance fee and transport)  

For a group of more than 10 people, please contact us for larger group offer


Program is 9hrs. Guide will meet you at your hotel. Kindly note, food cost is not included in this price (these costs are usually minimal), it makes the tour more flexible and you can get the chance to try different kind of genuine Chinese food. Our guides are always happy to recommend. Note that the guide will join you for meals and we ask that you pay for the guide. 

To book the program, we do request a small deposit of USD100 (RMB600) per program via PayPal. This deposit will apply toward the program charges and you could pay the remaining balance on the day of the program. You could directly pay deposit by clicking the "Buy Now" button: 

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