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Shanghai Flower Port & Dishui Lake

Shanghai is beautiful in Spring - the weather is finally warming up, the sun is out longer, and the city is an explosion of bloom and colors.

Shanghai is beautiful in Spring—the weather is finally warming up, the sun is out longer, and the city is an explosion of blooms and colors.


The Flower Port turns into a veritable mini Holland every spring by way of their annual Tulip Viewing Festival that normally runs for around a month. On display are 500 different species of blooms, and 3.2 million buds that consist not only of tulips, but also hyacinths, anemones, roses, wisteria, and more.


Dishui Lake is the largest artificial freshwater lake in China and is also the landmark project of Pudong. From 2003 to 2005, both the lake and the sanctuary were constructed from silt and mud, carried downstream by the Yangtze and captured with long rock and concrete groins that engineers extended into the river’s mouth. Shanghai’s planning officials envisioned using the new ground to build a seaside district — Lingang Port City — that was intended to attract thousands of businesses and a million people by 2050. During this trip, we will also have a taste of the local food.

Cost: RMB3900 for groups of 1-2 guests 

For each additional guest add RMB500

(Including guide fee, entrance fee and transport)  

For a group of more than 10 people, please contact us for larger group offer


Program is 8hrs. Guide will meet you at your hotel. Kindly note, food cost is not included in this price (these costs are usually minimal), it makes the tour more flexible and you can get the chance to try different kind of genuine Chinese food. Our guides are always happy to recommend. Note that the guide will join you for meals and we ask that you pay for the guide.

To book the program, we do request a small deposit of USD100 (RMB600) per program via PayPal. This deposit will apply toward the program charges and you could pay the remaining balance on the day of the program. You could directly pay deposit by clicking the "Buy Now" button: 

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