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The best talk to allow you to understand more about Chinese customs on topics such as weddings, funerals, pregnancy, and naming children.

Lecture - Chinese Customs

Have you always wanted to know more about Chinese customs on topics such as weddings, funerals, pregnancy, and naming children?


In this fascinating talk by Janny Chyn, we will learn much more about these traditions.


Wedding topics include the proposal, betrothal, wedding preparations, wedding day activities, post-wedding rituals, and contemporary wedding customs.


Funeral topics include the wake, funeral ceremony, funeral procession, burial, mourning, and return of the dead.


Pregnancy topics cover pre-natal treatment, and post-natal care and confinement.


Child-rearing topics comprise such things as naming a child and Chinese birthday traditions.

Price: RMB1600 for up to 2 people

RMB350 per additional person

(Including expert fee, program space and material cost)  


For a group of more than 10 people, please contact us for larger group offer


Program is 1hr-1.5hrs, Meeting Point: Direction's in both Chinese and English will be provided for you to arrive at our starting point. Price includes all tickets admission to all sites listed.


To book the program, we do request a small deposit of USD100 (RMB600) per program via PayPal. This deposit will apply toward the program charges and you could pay the remaining balance on the day of the program. You could directly pay the deposit by clicking "Buy Now" button: