Lifestyle of Chinese Teens

It is an engaging experience to “see China through the eyes of teens” and understand their day to day life. 

The culture of Chinese teenagers has changed drastically in the past few decades. Chinese teens have left a lot of the ancient lifestyle behind to embrace modern fashion, music and political involvement.


Today’s teenagers represent an educated, technologically savvy, optimistic, aspiring, pragmatic, active and socially connected group. Marketing to teenagers not only means providing products and services to fill the gap between the market and their needs, but is also about new ways of communication and interaction with young consumers to empower them and build a sense of affinity.


This program is designed to take us through some of the most inspiring retail neighborhoods to learn the life of Chinese teens. It is an engaging experience to “see China through the eyes of teens” and understand their day to day life. 

Price: RMB18000 for up to 6 people

RMB2000 per additional person

(Including project setup, program design, expert guide fee and transport)  

Program is 4hrs.  For a group of more than 10 people, please contact us for larger group offer.

This program is specially designed for Qualitative Research & Market Immersion. Immersion Program consists of a series of tailored experiences examining the economic and cultural landscape of China and its economic relationship with the world. This is a tailor-made program for top management from multinational organizations to draw attention to the fundamental shifts in the global economic landscape, in order to prepare them as they develop their global and China strategies.


To book the program, we do request 50% deposit of the total fee. The total of program bill shall be settled at the beginning of your program in cash, or transfer to Shanghai Pathways bank account before the program starts.  


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