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Wukang Road Exploration

Join us for a walking tour of architecture, history and culture. Route Ferguson, built the road to make it easier for his colleagues and students to get to school.

The western section of the French Concession was the suburban home to many different types of people, each living within a wide variety of buildings of style and distinction. Over time this hasn't changed much, with the area even today a peaceful escape from Shanghai's 26 million people.


In 1897, an American, Route Ferguson, also known as the English teacher of Nanyang Public School, built the road to make it easier for his colleagues and students to get to school. The road was named Ferguson Road, and then renamed "Wukang Road" in the 1930s. It is only 1.17 km long, each house and its detail show interesting stories and colorful history. Many political leaders, elites, merchants and celebrities once lived. There are Huangxing apartment, a revolutionary who co-founded the Republic of China together with Sun Yatsen.


Former residence of Tang Shaoyi, apartment of Chen Guofu and Chen Lifu, the two brothers have significant influence in the Kuomintang government and formed a political faction known as the CC Clique. Apartment of Mo Shangqing who was nicknamed the ‘silk king’ and the former residence of Bajin, a master in Chinese literature.


In this walk, we will explore Shanghai's main historic building types and styles. We'll start from the Former Residence of Soong Ching Ling and Normandie Apartment designed by a famous Hungarian architect Hudec. And visit interesting enclave of shops and bistros at Ferguson Lane. 

Price: RMB1600 for up to 2 people

RMB350 per additional person

(Including guide fee and entrance fee)   


For a group of more than 10 people, please contact us for larger group offer


Tour is 2hrs, Meeting Point: Direction's in both Chinese and English will be provided for you to arrive at our starting point. Price includes all tickets admission to all sites listed.

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To book the program, we do request a small deposit of USD50 (RMB300) per program via PayPal. This deposit will apply toward the program charges and you could pay the remaining balance on the day of the program. You could directly pay USD50 as deposit by clicking "Buy Now" button: 

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